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Small Business Start Up Offices

Small Business Start Up Offices


As the nerve center of business operations, an office is a very important structure to any business whether small or big. This facility offers some kind of centrality for all business processes, procedures and players. For example, customers are able to contact the business from its offices. It is in offices where we find customer care services. Therefore, an office acts as the call center for the customers whenever they have something to do with the business. A business can build or rent its offices. For a small business however, it is more economic to rent an office than building one. This is the case because office building initial outlay cost is so high that a small business which is struggling financially may not afford it, and even if it could, it would not be economically viable. It is also advisable for businesses operating on temporary basis to rent offices rather than buy.

In recognition of this missing link, smart space Miami has set out to bridge the gap by offering office solutions to businesses. Smart space Miami has a wide range of market to serve. It offers office spaces for local, national and international businesses. It has a wide range of office networks in various locations. It also offers both physical and online offices. The choice is yours! If your business has various networks, you can combine both physical and virtual office as this will enhance you operations. You can use your virtual office as the center from where any remote office affiliated to you is connected.

The services offered by online offfice include:

Personal locked Mailbox

A virtual office accords you a personal locked mailbox which you can access anytime you wish; at you convenience. This is a very progressive service because it disconnects the activities of the office with working hour’s restriction. One is able to work anytime they want from where they want.

Mail forwarding and Management

It also has the capability to forward and manage mails. It is important to remember that a online office is majorly operated through internet. Mails therefore are a major means of communication. Common mails need to be sent to relatively a larger number of people. Forwarding is more helpful here.

Live Bilingual Receptionist

This kind of office offers the services of a bilingual receptionist. This receptionist answers calls in your business name. You realize that, knowledge of more than one language is advantageous in the view that most of these businesses are international and draw their clients from varied language backgrounds.

Conference rooms

Elegant executive conference rooms’ services are also available. Businesses can hold conferences or meetings involving large number of people in these rooms. This will save your business a great deal of money which would have been spent in renting conference space.

Dedicated Contacts

You will also be accorded highly dedicated contacts for your business. These contacts include an all- time available phone and fax number. Communication, within and without the business is very important and therefore these channels of passing information are very important to your business. It also has voice mail and email services on offer.

Some kind of small business solution is very important to assist start up and upcoming small businesses. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or if you are operating your business overseas, the use of an office address at 1200 Brickell Avenue, in Miami FL, will be a brilliant idea. It will not only look impressive on business cards or websites but it will also help strengthen the business presence. It is therefore my strong advice that you get rental offices with us, especially if your business is just starting. It will save you a lot of cost considering the withdraw range of services we offer

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