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How to Choose a Virtual Office

How To Choose A Virtual Office


In today’s working world, there are many options to “getting a job done” or setting up a business. In days gone by, a worker would simply have no other options than to show up at a brick and mortar building somewhere and whilst away the hours from 9 – 5. A company owner, likewise would have to pay rent on office space, whether the majority of the time they actually were physically in it or not. Remote office space are now the wave of the future!

Technology has allowed for expansion and growth in all areas, including how we can and choose to do business.

Virtual offices are now the way of the future. Not every business needs to hire onsite workers to perform the many tasks at hand. The company owner does not have to incur overhead with rent, light bills and the like.

But what does a company look for when implementing this new type of work place? Make a laundry list of what your specific needs are and direction your business needs to take. From that list, begin a search for a remote office type of set up. Begin your search can at Smart Space Miami, a virtual office business that can fit all your needs and you will need to look no further.

Will your company utilize a phone line? If so, our virtual office company can offer you a dedicated line where a bi-lingual receptionist can answer your incoming calls using your company name. Smart Space Miami will answer your calls professionally and timely, making you, our client certain that no call is ever missed.

Will you be traveling where you need your mail to arrive at a permanet address, but perhaps be sent to a temporary remote office location? Again, Smart Space Miami offers this to you! Have your mail sent to our physical address of 1200 Brickell Avenue, in Miami FL where it will be delivered to a locked mailbox accessible by you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but can also be sent to you by our excellent staff. That way if your position demands you travel to different locations, you can always be assured your work will follow.

Cost is always a factor in business and our company offers you affordable office solutions. Whether your needs are simple or complex, you want a company that treats you like the important client that you are and listens to your needs. Choosing a virtual office is a big decision so read our reviews about how many clients in Miami are happy with our professional service!

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