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Free Virtual Office Address

Free Virtual Office Address


When you have a home business, small business, medium business or large corporation, and you need a mail forwarding address and a virtual office assistant, then Smart Space Miami has the solution for you. Smart Space office solutions for businesses of all sizes are geared towards companies that are on the move. Whatever the size of company, Smart Space offers the best priced office solution for you.

Most companies, when they expand, for one reason or another, need a remote office location and a mail forwarding address. This is especially true when they move into a new location, or out of an old one. Smart Space has physical office space and virtual office services available to meet your needs. If you don’t need a physical office, but want to avail of our virtual office services only, you still get a free virtual office address to use on all your business cards at the 1200 Brickell Ave, Miami, Florida, location.

The physical and virtual office solutions that Smart Space offers are ideal for local, national, and international companies. But the companies that can benefit the most from these services are start-up ventures. Having a lot of overhead when starting a company is one of many obstacles to overcome before any profits can be realized, and this is where Smart Space office solutions for businesses comes in to save the day.

Having someone to answer calls when you’re away or unable too is very advantageous so is having a remote office to work out of, not to mention a mail forwarding address as well. These are just some of the many services available at Smart Space all at the best priced office solution anywhere in Miami. Listed below are some of the most popular office solutions our company offers:

  • Voicemail and Full Email Services
  • Locked Mailbox accessible 24/7
  • Mail Forwarding and a free virtual office address
  • Live Virtual Office Assistant (bilingual available) who answers in your Company’s Name
  • Executive Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Dedicated Local Business Phone Number and Fax Number

These are only a small sample of services that are being offered at Smart Space office solutions. If you are an entrepreneur that travels a lot on business, or a corporate representative with business dealings overseas and need a physical office space to use in Miami, then these services are an ideal option for you.

Physical Office Space Solutions – The office spaces that are available are fully furnished and ready for you to move in. They also include phone and electrical utilities, cleaning services, internet connection and access to meeting rooms and break room areas. Long term and short term leases are also available.

Virtual Office Space Solutions – The best part about the virtual office solution services, are many. Having a virtual office assistant to professionally answer your phones, a premier Miami business address to place on your stationary and a physical address to pick up your mail 24/7 are all necessary. These are especially important in being able to operate a successful business today. Smart Space offers the best priced office solution in Miami, and has everything you’re company needs and more.

Contact Smart Space office solutions today, and let the friendly customer service representatives help you to choose an office plan that is best for your needs. The benefits of our business solutions are plain to see, no equipment to buy, no payroll to meet, no furniture to purchase and no long term leases to worry about. As you can see, Smart Space offers business solutions that actually help businesses to thrive. By availing of a remote office location and other Smart Space office solutions, your start-up venture or small business can also thrive too! Call today for more information about how Smart Space can provide your business solutions.

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