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Best Miami Office Space Option

Best Miami Office Space Option


In today’s economic uncertainty, owning and operating your own business can be a viable option. Many wanting to own their own business, however, might have a laundry list of valid concerns and questions and Smart Space Miami offers many of the answers. From wondering where they can find affordable space to who might answer the company’s telephone while the owner is out of town, we help you conquer the obstacles that might stand between you and your hopes and dreams. We offer valued tried and true solutions by offering virtual and physical office space in Miami.

Our brick and mortar address located at 1200 Brickell Avenue in Miami FL gives you an impressive actual location to display on business cards, websites and brochures whether you are onsite or overseas. If the only employee you will be having is you and you need to be in London on Tuesday or Texas on Wednesday, we can help. Whether your new business venture requires physical or virtual office space,  we will be your perfect choice in catering to your special needs.

Our virtual office offers many different types of services that can be adapted to the company’s requirements. Impressive solutions such a offering you a bilingual receptionist who will answer your phone lines, using your own company’s name when answering the line, puts any incoming calls’ clients at ease. Your business’s dedicated local phone and/or fax number will be professionally handled at all times. Add to the receptionist service the fact that after hours your line will have voicemail as well as voicemail to email capabilities and you will be assured to never miss any important calls or messages.

Mail services in our virtual office set up include receiving your business mail at our address and then, if needed, you can request to have it managed and forwarded to you anywhere in the world. This allows you to be free to do your business where YOU need to be, anytime, anywhere. All mail is handled in the most professional manner and is always secure.

If your business needs require a  physical Miami Office Space  location for you to work out of, Smart Space Miami offers the best priced office solution. Excellent value for an elegant office, plus use of our elegant executive conference rooms as well. Your personal, locked mailbox is accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing you full control of when you can get your company’s incoming items.

Contact us today to see how we can help you to succeed in your new or established business ventures! We look forward to our working with you.

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