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Miami Offices For Rent

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SmartSpace and how does it differ from a traditional office lease?

SmartSpace is an office space solutions provider. We offer virtual and physical offices for rent. We are different than a traditional lease because we don’t require long term contracts and offer a myriad of additional services not included in a traditional lease.

Where is SmartSpace located?

SmartSpace is located at the heart of the prestigious Brickell Avenue financial district, just blocks off downtown Miami. Our full address is 1200 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL, 33131. Get Directions →

What are your leasing terms?

SmartSpace makes it easy to get into your Miami office space immediately. There are no complicated leases that often require tedious negotiations. Your rent covers most regular office expenses (real estate taxes, maintenance, A/C, electricity, cleaning, reception, and more). You just choose your plan, your suite, and the term (from days to months to years).

What if my office space needs change?

We are prepared to grow with you. As your business needs evolve, we can accommodate them and you can focus on what you do best.

Do I have options for my office floor plan?

We have a variety of office configurations that can be adapted from a single-person office to an open floor plan with multiple workstations. Furniture and equipment are included.

What do I need to supply to start working?

You don’t need to bring anything to start working. We provide all furnishings, VoIP (voice over IP telephone) with 305 or 786 direct dial, full-service mail handling/package delivery, network printing, server rooms with rack space, facsimile and copy services, office supply ordering, temporary staffing assistance, conference rooms, kitchens, utilities, nightly office cleaning, and more.

Can I hold meetings at SmartSpace?

It’s the best location to hold a meeting!  You can use any of our state-of-the-art executive conference rooms whenever they are available. If it’s not included in your plan, you can rent one as you need it.

How is SmartSpace staffed?

We have professional client service representatives that are trained to provide immediate solutions for you and your business. We also have an on-site IT services team to support your technical needs.

Is there parking in your building?

Yes, it is located in the lower floors of the building.

Is there public transportation to your location?

Our offices are conveniently located just a couple of blocks from one of the Miami Dade county metro-mover stations. It grants you and your clients FREE and convenient public transportation throughout the Downtown Miami and Brickell areas.

Are there restaurants/services/shops nearby?

Being at the heart of Miami’s financial district, SmartSpace is surrounded by affordable and exclusive dining, shops, and other options.

How many people can be accommodated per company?

Flexibility is the cornerstone of SmartSpace and we can accommodate as many employees as your company needs.

When can I move in?

Contact us today  — and start working tomorrow. It’s that easy!

Can we request additional space or services as we grow?

Yes. We have a modular operation and we can add space as you need it.

How is SmartSpace different from everyone else?

We provide a comfortable friendly environment for meetings or work, while maintaining high-end aesthetics and boutique services that our competitors lack.